Carmen Meinczinger

Early Learning - Early Learning Teacher - C-PREP


Hi Everyone.  I am Carmen Meinczinger and am Early Learning Teacher for Eleanor Hall School, Busby and Dunstable Communities this year.  Last year, had the privilege of working at PNCS overseeing the Ready C program up there.  Prior to this have spent time in the Dapp, Fawcett, Westlock, and Busby areas.  I have in my past been the teacher of the PIN (Preparation For Inclusion Now) program that was housed in the Westlock Elementary School which was an inclusion pre-school program for ages 3-5 (now a little different format and is known as SPICE).  Following my graduation from University of Alberta in 1999 with a B.ED and minor in Early Childhood, I worked as grade 2-3 teacher at the University of Alberta Child Study Center. Personally, am a single mom of three beautiful children.  I enjoy working for Education Services in the Early Learning Department.  :)